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Do I really need someone to help me with my business?

You do not have to do this alone! Get the help from someone who has been in your shoes and understands the challenges you are facing right now. Let’s work together and reach your goals faster!

Who do I help?

Women owned small service based businesses who want to get to the next level of their business.

What are the benefits of working with a business strategist?

Having someone who has been on the same journey as you, who has the resources to help you get to the next level, who can be your 2nd pair of eyes, and who has the empathy and compasion to be there for you.

What areas of business do I help with?

I can help with the areas that strengthen you and your business including structure, systems, time management, strategy and mindset.

How do I know I need a Business Strategist?

If you feel like you never have enough time to get it all done; struggle with overwhelm and are uncertain about how to grow your business. 

About Me

I was born and raised in Germany and moved to the US in 2017. Celebrating my 5 Year milestone this year!

In Germany, I worked for a corporation in the automotive industry. I had the opportunity to work in every department of a company which allowed me to gain an incredible business insight and knowledge.

When I moved to the US in 2017, I started working at the subsidiary and quickly climbed the corporate ladder.

Eventually I outgrew the corporate world and took the brave steps to start my own company SZ Solutions Consulting in 2020.

I now specialize in empowering Women in the business world by designing a strategy that fits their nature of business in order to reach their goals successfully. 


“When I first started working with Sarah I was at a crossroads with my business- feeling maxed out with my schedule and profit, I knew I needed to make some changes. I needed a different plan of action to grow and expand business and be able to help more families in the process. Sarah was AMAZING to work with! She walked me through every step of the journey with such great patience and compassion. She was a sounding board, she was diligent, and she always encouraged me, reminding me of who was when I became discouraged. I learned so much from her wisdom and knowledge. Since working with her, I have opened a tutoring studio space, greatly expanding my schedule and the number of families I could help. She helped me with marketing strategies, goal setting, and introduced me to new ideas I would never have come up with on my own. I would not be where I am today without her guidance and her cheering me on every step of the way. She is an integral part of the success of Creative Minds Tutoring, LLC!”

“I’ve always had a passion for sewing and really enjoy teaching sewing. I knew a business involved numerous facets and I really needed someone to walk me through it and guide me in the right direction.
I immediately knew I could work with Sarah because she was such a good listener and more importantly, she helped me understand what I wanted to do as well as how to do it. She was such a great sounding board and continually offered a fresh perspective to the vision of how to build my business.
My biggest fear was dealing with the social media aspect and Sarah created continual opportunities for us to walk through the process of understanding and becoming comfortable with using social media as a business tool.
Sarah is a good communicator and this was a big plus for me because I am outgoing and an extrovert. Talking through the aspects of building this business was extremely important to me.
At our last session I felt confident that we had completed reviewing everything important for me to keep in mind as I walk through building this business. I’m very happy to say that at any given time if I need to ask a question, ask for any advice or just share an idea Sarah is readily available and more than willing to help. I feel like we are still big building a business relationship and she is still part of my growing business. I’m so very grateful for this because building a business requires support and encouragement.
Thank you so much Sarah for your integrity, loyalty, and honesty. I highly recommend anyone looking to build a business to give Sarah Ziesler a call!”

“Before working with Sarah, I have seen how the businesses of a couple of friends have progressed and grown since working with her. 

Their results are impressive so I started working with her as well. 

The most important part of working with Sarah for me was her personal touch and the adjustment of our program, to your life circumstances. 

She would not teach generic things that work with average people and businesses. 

She goes deep in understanding your needs and is the best cheerleader that I have had in my business journey, and I’ve been in business for almost 10 years now. 

We built together not only a business strategy in our 3 month journey, but a path and business mindset that I will take with me forever. “

Overcome the obstacles and challenges in your business

I don’t believe life is ever a smooth ride, especially not when you’re starting a business.

 I’ve faced many challenges and struggles, especially at the beginning. Believing that my corporate experience would make it easy to start a business on my own. I’ve learned very quickly that being a Small Business Owner and working in Corporate are two very different things. But I wouldn’t change the challenges I had to overcome for anything as it helps me be better at what I do now.

 I think also being a Young Woman in the Business world is challenging on its own. I’ve had many experiences that have let me put my focus more on Women Entrepreneurs because of them. Which is why I truly enjoy my work and the Network of business women that has been growing

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