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Frequently Asked

Why do I need a business strategist?

Every Small Business Bwner has so much on their plate right now. Why not talk to someone who has been there and has the resources available to come up with solutions for YOUR business. Everyone needs a 2nd pair of eyes!

Why a membership program?

You decide what platform works for you. Is it online resources? Is it group sessions? Is it private 1-1 sessions? You decide!

Any long term contracts?

No… you decide how long you want to be a member. As long as you keep getting results…stay. If you feel you are not getting the results anymore, then end your membership. It is that simple.

Can I change my plan each month?

Absolutely. If you need more private sessions in a month, then book more and pay the additional cost. Then you can determine the next month how many private sessions you need and pay accordingly. You are not locked into any plan each month.

What if I need help with a project or a task?

You can also pay an hourly fee for us to do tasks for you. Many times our clients need help creating a system or reviewing their data. We have that covered for you.

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