Working with Sarah Ziesler

Business Strategist

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My Approach

I am very results oriented for both my clients and myself. But I know it takes a focused plan to get it done!

I work with You to come up with that plan. We first analyze in detail how your business operates right now. Set a specific outcome we want to achieve and start implementing the new strategies into your business.

Together we are going to create a system for your business that fits you.

As a Business strategist, I am your second pair of eyes, your cheerleader, your accountability partner and your co-pilot.

I take these roles very seriously and I want you to shine!

If this resonates with you, Let’s Talk!

Introducing Shine, ShEO Academy

Take the best of all worlds and combine it into 1 – A unique and results driven experience.

No lengthy contracts, no six month commitments. This is a month to month membership. 

Here is what you get each month with our base program:

Weekly Group Sessions

Each week, there will be a 1 hour group session where we will be learning about one key area in your business, hold you accountable, and answer your questions.

Online Course

Missed a session? You will have access to an online platform with recordings of past sessions and additional training videos. 

You’ll be able to watch any at your own time & take your questions into the weekly Group Coaching sessions.

1-1 Private Coaching

The base membership includes a 1 hour 1:1 private coaching session. In our 1:1 Sessions we will dive deep into your currently obstacles and lay out individualized strategies & systems for you and your business. 

How Membership Works

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Choose the Plan for You

Together, we determine which plan works for you depending on what You need so you can reach your goals.

Get Results

We setup a plan and we follow it! This is YOUR time now. Time for YOU to get the results you want.

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Isn’t it time for YOU to Shine?

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